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Modular Systems
Depreciation, why spend money on it? Much like the car industry, systems furniture is nice to by "new". New products offer a certain amount of prestige, image and good-will. However, just like a new car, the minute modular systems furniture is purchased; its monetary value is diminished.

TLC Office Systems gives you the opportunity to save money on initial purchase price by providing major-brand remanufactured systems such as:


Herman Miller


Our systems portfolio consists of "As-Is" product, Re-Furbished product and Re-Manufactured product.

As-Is systems are those that can be purchased in the same condition that it entered our inventory. In many cases, the conditions of the components need no repair in order to be functional.

Re-Furbished systems require fabric cleaning, trim touch-up and minor repair. Usually, re-furbished product can resemble new systems.

Re-Manufactured systems enter into our process that includes the cleaning, sanding (as required), repairing of dents, priming and application of customer requested paints to metal surfaces. Moveable parts are cleaned and lubricated. Panel fabric is removed and replaced with customer specific selection according to manufacture's standards. Wireways are cleaned and sharp edges removed. All electrical components are checked for damage and defective wiring and connections are replaced. Upon completion, remanufactured systems can easily blend with existing offices.


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