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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much money can I expect to save by purchasing TLC Systems rather than new modular furniture?

It depends. In comparing like footprints with exact components, we've been able to see as much as a 60% initial savings.

2. What's the difference between re-furbished product and re-manufactured product?

Refurbishing consists of simply preparing the product for assembly in the space. Usually, cleaning of fabric and touch-up of metal is the only action taken. Remanufactured product receives new fabric, new paint and a complete review of electrical components.
(see "Modular Systems")

3. Who are some of the companies that you've supplied with your products or services?

TLC had done business in over 20 states. Primarily, our business has come from the DC, Baltimore and Virginia regions. Clients range in size from under 20 people to over 200 and industry segments include financial, technology, service and government. A brief list of customers would include CSC, Network 1, Loans and Mortgage and Vista Technology.

4. What financial options are available for getting furniture?

TLC offers both leasing and renting in addition to out-right purchase. A lease-option price can be given upon request with quote.

5. Will you contact me?

Most certainly, we'll give you a call. Please e-mail us at with a date and time and we'll be sure to get in touch.


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