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In the business of facility services, the real work begins AFTER furniture is sold. Layout, Delivery, Installation and Post-Move Clean-up are a few of the services TLC provides FREE OF CHARGE.


TLC Office Systems will take the various elements existing in your office and re-use them when possible while adding appropriate remanufactured systems and/or case goods when needed. The expertise of designing office layouts to your specific work environment presents a floor plan that supports the work being done by your employees.

Delivery & Installation

TLC Office Systems offers a full delivery and installation service in addition to wiring a cabling management. We have an experienced delivery and installation crew that can work days, nights, and/or weekends, ensuring your business is uninterrupted. A Supervisor manages each crew to ensure timely and complete set-up.

Post-Project Renewal

Returning building interiors to the "landlord approved" space can be a daunting task. It's hard work and needs to be completed in a timely manner. TLC Office Systems not only moves the furniture, we can replace ceiling tiles, remove raised flooring, patch walls, remove HVAC units and un-cable when required. We like say, "We Do It All."


Inventory Assessment

Based on regional market conditions, TLC can identify the most cost-effective way to dispose of surplus furniture. In some cases we can purchase your inventory directly. Depending on your accounting practices, we can suggest the best way for you to dispose of surplus furniture. This could include trading, banking or donating it to a local charity.

Custom Design/Build Solutions

TLC can solve the difficult problems that arise from the need for quick non-traditional solutions. We've provided companies with "special" reception configurations as well as custom monitor stands and raised flooring for data centers. If you can't find the furniture you need, we'll try to make it.




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