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TLC Systems remanufactures name-brand modular furniture and sells it at a fraction of the cost of it's original price. We're NOT a marketing company. We don't use phrases such as; "value-add", "maximizing investment", or "state-of-the-art". We also don't refer to clients as "partners".

Our clients are customers and maintaining customers by continually exceeding their expectations is our main focus. Our mission is to provide quality products and services at affordable prices in order to maintain long-term business relationships.


TLC's business philosophy centers on the concept of keeping complex facility processes in simplified terms. While others offer percentage pricing, TLC provides our clients with a single and final fee for products or services.

There are no undisclosed or separate charges for delivery and installation of product or tear-down and removal of existing furniture. This pricing strategy allows for budgets to be maintained and eliminates surprise expenditures.


At TLC we understand that projects rarely stick to schedules regardless of up-front planning. While we have processes in place for all that we do, we also have plans for the unexpected.

As requirements change, so do our procedures. TLC's "policies" never interrupt the timing of completing our tasks. We're large enough to manage any size project and small enough to adapt to any change.


We don't want TLC customers to be "satisfied". We want them to be "delighted". This goal is achieved by listening with an open mind, suggesting solutions without selling and performing without complaints. Superior service combined with quality products delivered at affordable prices continues to keep our customers as customers and to grow our base of business.

The quality of our people however is TLC's most valued asset. The talent, experience and dedication of our staff cannot be compared.



TLC Office Systems
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